Best 8 Inch Chef Knives Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Whether to cook high foods or decorate those salad plates with symmetrically sliced vegetables and fruits, you need a knife with a sharp blade and reasonable control. Not only it gets efficient to slice or mince with a tapering blade, but it also is much more fun! To master a tool that we use with our hands. We must be able to control it and feel comfortable when handling it. The 8-inch chef knives are used not only in big restaurant kitchens but also in home kitchens. An 8-inch Chef knife is well known to cut vegetables and is enough resilient for most home cooks.

A Chef’s knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. Many kitchen tasks are done with Chef’s knife. There are reasons why professional cooks’ kitchens are seen decorated with various lengths of Chef’s knives. Well, you don’t need to fill your kitchen with many. It would be best if you had a Chef’s knife that, after some time, feels like an extension of your arm when using it. Best 8-inch chef knives should be suitably weighty, although not heavy enough to tire you, well-balanced amid the handle and the blade, enduring and sharp.

After concluding opinions, reviews, and thoughts of skilled Chefs and Cooks, we have brought you the best 8-inch Chef knives. So before searching the cheapest Chef’s knives in online shops, go through the article. It shall give you an exact idea about what 8-inch Chef’s knives would be best according to your kitchen needs.

Our Pick for the Best 8 Inch Chef Knives



DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife - Shogun Series

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KUMA Professional Damascus Steel Knife – 8 inch Chef Knife

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Sasaki Takumi Japanese AUS-10 Chef Knife 8-Inch, Black

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DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8 Inch, Phantom Series

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Zelite Infinity Chef Knife - Executive-Plus Series

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Zwilling Pro 8-Inch, Chef Knife

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Global 8" Chef's Knife

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DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife – Shogun Series

Kiritsuke is one of the finest looking Chef Knife on this list, and it also shows supreme functionality. Supporting a long-straight blade, and saber shaped tip, It is malignant beauty. This lethal blade’s craftsmanship is a merger of two traditional Japanese Yanigabas (fish slicers) and usubas (vegetable knives). In ancient Japanese cuisine, the Kiritsuke was only used by skilled Chefs. After slight modifications and especially with the Shogun Series version, the blade is double-beveled, making it easier to use and control.

Dalstrong Kiritsuke Best Chef Knife
Dalstrong Kiritsuke Best Chef Knife

The world admires antique Japanese tool-making techniques. These techniques are adopted among many developed countries. Kiritsuke Chef knife is an amalgam of those ancient sword-making systems and modern technology. And that is the ultimate reason the Shogun Series is astonishing in performance and can be supreme for various kitchen tasks.

Ever felt like you are running a knife over a stone when cutting rough vegetables? Well, with remarkable edge retention, your extra efforts will be saved. This Chef knife conical bolster renders a proper zero balance and allows a natural and comfortable grip. The quality material is used in the Chef knife, and It is reflected in the blade. All these properties of 8-inch Kiritsuke knives make It one of the best 8-inch Chef Knives. Thus It qualifies to have a spot in your lovely kitchen.


  • Rust/Corrosion Resistant
  • Hand-Polished Spine
  • Precise Cryogenic Tempering
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Highly Impervious to Heat, Cold and Moisture
  • A bit Expensive
  • Becomes dull


KUMA Professional Damascus Steel Knife – 8-inch Chef Knife

Remarkable strength and durability backed by 67 layers of premium Damascus steel are the qualities of this elegant knife. Kuma Professional is an 8-inch Chef’s knife that will help you cut through that rough meat with every knife slips—manufactured with the help of V-shaped sharpening technology. Cutting through fragile bones, fruits, and vegetables is like swinging the chef knife in the air! The blade is a product of steel. It is the most vital part of the knife. Because of the steel results in a broadly designed and lightweight handle—a handle that gives you complete control over the knife.

Kuma Professional Damascus Steel Knife – 8 Inch Chef Knife
Kuma Professional Damascus Steel Knife – 8 Inch Chef Knife

Some parts of the cooking demand high effort and the last thing you want is to waste your time slicing with an less sharpened knife. To sharpen a knife, you have to spend a lot more time than buying a one that isn’t as demanding and works on everything as on butter. The indulging design and simple bolster ensure that Kuma Professional renders the hand-furnished gentle spine for zero-balance comfortability even when applying pressure.

Kuma Professional is a gracefully designed chef knife dedicated to professionals in large hotels and also to Cooks at home. The knife comes with a sheath and knife guard. In the first place, this Chef’s knife won’t ask for frequent sharpening. However, If it does after dozens of uses, you should know that It is the most natural knife to sharpen.


  • Durable and Hard Steel Core
  • Stain-Resistant
  • 67-Layer Carbon Steel
  • Lightweight Handle
  • Easy to Sharpen Blade
  • Easily Dent able
  • Limited to Few Kitchen Tasks


Sasaki Takumi Japanese AUS-10 Chef Knife 8-Inch, Black

Although Chef knives are considered versatile because they help carry out more than one task in a kitchen. A Chef knife that helps mince, peel, or even cut through soft meat is still restricted to complete 3-4 tasks when compared with Sasaki Takumi 8-inch Chef Knife. The Takumi Chef knife holds in its material renowned AUS-10 stainless steel. Molybdenum and Vanadium’s summation in steel makes It one of the most durable and stain-resistant 8-inch chef knives. The knife is manufactured precisely, going through several processes. The long and wide edge with a built-in air pocket allows the knife to slice down with a single move sleekly. Without asking for extra effort to drag through food.

Sasaki Takumi Japanese Aus 10 8 Inch Chef Knife
Sasaki Takumi Japanese Aus 10 8 Inch Chef Knife

To give you an illustration, let us explain in brief how the Sasaki Takumi chef knife is crafted. Initially, the blade is heated at 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. And then cooled to make the steel powerful. Then again warmed over 600 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce fragility. Your Chef knife is ready to slice through everything that comes in Its way. Furthermore, to prevent the blade from brittleness, a high-quality sheath is also provided to secure the module.

When using a knife, one must feel full control over it. A blade that’s sharpened at 10-15 degrees each side, and a triple-riveted, fiberglass handle makes sure you get that feeling. The Chef knife is crafted, taking account every minor detail. Even the bolster is carefully detailed to result in a vigorously structured handle and to provide excellent control.


  • Mirror Finished Stainless End Cap
  • Built-in Small Air Pockets Reduces Food Friction
  • Premium Quality Knife Sheath
  • Extremely Strain-Resentment and Durable
  • Frequent Sharpening Damages Soft Steel


DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8 Inch, Phantom Series

This Chef knife is a treasure for those who struggle to handle large knives like Cleaver. If you work with rough meat, the DALSTRONG 8-inch Chef knife is going to save the hassle for you. This Phantom Series Chef knife is a Cleaver Knife hybrid—a lightweight Cleaver. The blade of the knife is carefully crafted and honed by professionals. It is designed in such a way that It can effortlessly dodge stain corrosion. Furthermore, the blade is also sharpened at a precise angle, from where cutting through anything in the kitchen is effortless than ever.

Dalstrong Chef Knife 8 Phantom Series
Dalstrong Chef Knife 8 Phantom Series

High-carbon and AUS stainless steel 58+ ensures the durability and lethal sharpness of the knife. The Chef knife is incredibly engraved and is a beauty. Moreover, the blade also supports a polished spine and minimalist bolster to produce a natural pinch grip. A luxurious Spanish Pakkawood handle is endowed by a hand polish and stratified to provide a comfortable grip.

The Phantom Series knife is one of the most stain-resistant 8-inch Chef knives because It contains a high-level of Chromium in Its material. Chromium can prevent corrosion like no other element. Furthermore, the tapered blade of DALSTRONG Chef Knife enhances the durability of the knife. That means, after having this Chef knife in your kitchen, you shall be free from worrying about buying a new one for a long time.


  • Extremely Corrosion Resistant
  • Ice-Tempered Blade
  • Sharp Scalpel Edge
  • Require Regular Scouring
  • Discolors Upon Contact With Acidic Foods


Zelite Infinity Chef Knife – Executive-Plus Series

Crafted with AUS-10 Stainless Steel and 45-layer high carbon, Zelite Infinity Chef Knife is a tool that, along with elite functionality, will bring beauty to your kitchen. An engineering marvel of 56MM deep blade promises that every task is done effortlessly. When stuck in the kitchen for hours, cooking can get boring. But have you noticed that we don’t get bored when we are doing something which is fun? With Zelite Infinity 8-inch Chef Knife, be it chopping, mincing, slicing, or even peeling, everything gets easy and so satisfactory that you forget about other cooking tasks. (I hope not!).

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife Executive Plus Series
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife Executive Plus Series

Another excellent quality this Chef knife possesses is handled. It supports a triple-riveted humpback handle—only found in Zelite Infinity Chef Knives. The humpback handle makes sure your hand fits, and soon you feel like the knife is an armed extension of your hand. After going through with a traditional manufacturing process called the “Honbazuke Method,” the blade gets in your hand.

Furthermore, each side’s 12 degrees polished blade renders incredible sharpness and a sense of safety when cutting hard meat, fish, or vegetables. When buying a knife, all we care about is the sharpness of a blade. However, that is not a prudent way to bring a knife in your kitchen. One should also look for a tapered bolster; a tapered bolster ensures the knife is durable and controllable.


  • Material Used: Japanese AUS10 45-Layer Damascus Steel For Lasting Performance
  • Robust and Durable
  • Rare Tapered Bolster
  • Aerodynamic Blade Heel
  • Humpback Handle
  • Susceptible to Rust
  • Hard to Sharpness Due to Flimilness


Zwilling Pro 8-Inch, Chef Knife

Laser controlled edge and high resilience are the most profound qualities of Zwilling Pro 8-inch Chef Knife. The material used in crafting the Chef knife is not disclosed by the manufacturers, although they are calling it “special formula.” We know about Its artistry because it is solely made with a single piece of solid steel. Moreover, Its ice-hardened Fridour blade allows the knife to stay sharper longer. 57 Rockwell hardness makes it one of the best 8-inch chef knives for slicing and mincing.

Zwilling Professional Chef's Knife 8 Inch
Zwilling Professional Chef’s Knife 8 Inch

The bolster is carefully highlighted to put the finger over it while using the knife to ensure safe cutting. Probably the most time-demanding task after cooking is cleaning the knife. Primarily when It is brutally used without rinsing. A Zwilling Pro knife is easier to clean and requires no extra effort. Moreover, the Chef knife is also dishwasher safe.

Handling a Chef knife can be extremely tiresome, especially when you are exhausted working all day and still need to Cook. The three-riveted handle in Zwilling Pro renders optimum balance and secure handling. The polymer-based handle is perfectly balanced with a tang so that you would never feel tired again.


  • High Carbon No-Stain Steel
  • Triple-riveted Novodur handles
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Laser-controlled edge
  • Poor Grind Quality
  • Difficult to Hone


Global 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

The most distinguishable trait, the feature that makes Global Chef knife apart from the crowd is, It’s Edge. The edge of a Chef knife decides whether it will have a spot in your kitchen or not. The highest effort in the manufacturing process of a Chef knife is placed into the edges. And yet some knives after few uses start getting dull. What makes this Chef knife’s edge so unique from others? The Straight Edge! It is ground steeply to a point and an acute angle.

Global 8 Inch Chef's Knife
Global 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

The edge stays sharp longer because the knife is made up of CROMOVA 18 steel. For stain and corrosion resistance, the iron is mixed with molybdenum, Vanadium, and chromium.

Now coming to what this Chef knife has to offer to get qualified to be your kitchen buddy. The Global 8 Inch Chef knife is the lightest, (among the others in this list). As we discussed above, it retains incredible sharpness remarkably well. The handle of the chef knife is dimpled for comfort grip. Furthermore, they are designed in such a way, so small-handed cooks can seamlessly grasp the handle. Say goodbye to measuring knives before buying them, the Global Chef knife’s handles are precisely designed to fit in your hand.


  • Comes with a Sharpening Guide Rail
  • Dimpled to Resist Slipping in your Hand
  • Edges Stay Sharp for Longer
  • Finger Notch Between Blade and Handle to Provide Safety
  • Frequent Sharpening Damages Soft Steel


Which one should you buy?

As we have discussed in the preceding paragraphs, we merely look for the knife’s blade when buying one. Why? Because that’s what matters, Not really. You need to get into details, to find the best Chef knife. In this article, we have discussed the best 8-inch chef knives, and deciding what’s best from best is intriguing. If you look over the above knives’ descriptions, you must have noticed every knife has some cons because nothing is perfect.
Anyways, coming at which Chef knife, you should buy? We go through almost dozens of tasks with our knives in the kitchen. And hence we use different knives for different tasks. Although what If we find that supreme Chef knife that is ideal for every task. Yes, one 8-inch Chef knife for slicing, chopping, mincing, and even peeling. When researching and experiencing various Chef knives, we came across that ideal Chef knife, and we added that knife.
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch” is without ambiguity, one of the best 8-inch Chef Knives. Not only It is made with no-stain stainless steel but is also layered with high-carbon super steel. Its deep 56MM impressive blade is why you should consider buying this Chef knife. The edge ensures maximum knuckle clearance, which means when cutting sticky food, there is a low chance that it will stick forever on the blade.

Buyer’s Guide

First of all, let us make this clear that there is no ideal best chef knife that fits for everyone. And not every Chef knife can be perfect for you. There are several aspects to measure before buying a Chef Knife. You need a Chef knife according to your cooking style, or a knife that fits your hands, and feels natural. Only after brooding over all these aspects, you will find a perfect knife for yourself.

Now let’s face it, the process is long and requires a lot of time and who wants to spend that amount of time just to buy a knife? For your convenience, I’ve shown you how to buy an 8-inch Chef knife. Why 8-inch? Because It is universally accepted as one of the most comfortable and efficient lengths of Chef knives. Let’s discuss what exactly to look for when buying an 8-inch Chef Knife.

Right after getting the knife in your hand, start sensing If it fits in your hand or not. It should feel comfortable like you have grown it from your hand (ok! Don’t imagine it) If you don’t feel like it is the one, It is okay, move on to the other.


Try several knives to find one that doesn’t weigh you down. Now there are two philosophies right there. Some people say a more massive knife would be better because It will fall with more force. While some people counterfeit this notion and assume, a lighter knife would be more comfortable to handle; hence one can apply as much power as the task needs. I say, forget all and buy one that makes you feel natural! 


If a Chef knife is unbalanced, It is useless. It can cause pain in your wrist and hand. The Chef knife, which is weighted towards the back of the handle or toward the blade, won’t make a good Chef knife. Try to find the center of gravity of the knife, (central point) and place the knife on your finger to see if It is stable.


As we are already discussing the best 8-inch Chef knives from the start. Well, here you are going to know why. A 12-inch knife may cut a large volume, but It is not easier to control. A 6-inch knife can cut and slice but comes short when working with large volumes. So a perfect size is 8-inch. The most popular size among famous Chefs and Cooks because of its remarkable versatility.

Final Verdict:

The above-mentioned points and tips will help you buy not only the best Chef Knife but also several other knives, such as a Paring knife, Utility Knife, etc. And I believe once you learn that only you can decide what’s first best for you. You will always find the best knife.
Furthermore, not found in any Chef knife, the humpback handle is Zelite exclusive. Tapered bolster, fiberglass handle ensure that the knife fits like It comes built-in with your hand. The 12 degrees per side mirror hand-furnished blade promises to cut, mince, chop through vegetables or fruits effortlessly.
The Chef knife is designed through fierce competition. At the same time, different Chef knives feature different qualities. The Zelite Infinity is intended to marvel at almost every kitchen task, without asking for frequent sharpening. Indeed It has some cons. It is susceptible to rust and is not easier to sharpen. Well, If you rinse it after every use, you will see no rust. And It doesn’t require much sharpening as the blade is hand-furnished at 12 degrees per side mirror. Moreover, It is also the most beautiful looking Chef knife. So either you are using It or hanging in your kitchen, be ready to answer some questions such as Hey, where did you get that beautiful thing?


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